3D prints from photos is here!

Woohoo! It’s been a process in the making for 3DTransformations to be able create a 3D printed figurine from photos. Finally a solution is here where customers can send in photos!

No way, are we for real?… Yep. Traditionally, our work has been from 3D photography where we scan a person, meeting customers locally, creating an instant 3D model. In addition, many request of creating 3D printed figurines from photos have been received. So, we are excited to say that we now have this capability! We have explored, researched, tried and have perfected a system to utilize photos.

Here is an example of creating a 3D print from utilizing a single photograph! As a result, a 3D print is produced with the same outcome as a 3D scan and the results are amazing!

3D pring

How about even a photo of a photo? Yep, done too… Recently there was a project where access to the photo was not possible digitally, so a cell phone picture was taken of the printed photo. The result? A 3D printed figurine with accurate facial features and emotions true to life.

3DPrint requirements from photos

What does 3DTransformations need in order to create 3D prints from photos? Our preference is digital, high definition photos. We understand that even this is not always possible, so here is a list below.

Ideally we would like:

  • High definition (1920dpi) digital photos, utilizing D-SLR camera/Tablet camera/Professional photo
  • 3-5 pictures, detailing front of face, sides, back and full body as needed


another way we can produce this is:

  • Cell phone pictures (difficult but manageable)
  • A picture of a picture (i.e. taking a photo of a printed photo)
  • Digitized or restored photos
  • 1 picture of person

*Please note: Blurry photos, aged photos and damaged photos will not provide the best results*

Is there a cost difference? Yes. Because the physical 3D model is created from scratch, there is an incurred design cost. Cost to produce 3D prints from photographs is $100, in addition to the published print price. Design time is normally 5 days, printing is 10 days. Customers pay $40 to receive a 3D scan. Hey, only $60 difference between sending in photos and being scanned. Score!

*All Pricing is per person*

Rather than having to meet us in Charleston, SC, photos can be sent to us and a 3D print is made!

Please send all inquiries to info@3dtransformations.com

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