Announcing Partnership with American Pageants

3DTransformations & Miss Teen of America announce National Partnership
Capturing the winning moment to be cherished forever


24 August 2017: 3DTransformations announced their national partnership with the Miss Teen of America Pageant, (American Pageants, inc.). With this partnership, the winner of Miss Teen of America, Junior Miss of America, Young Miss of America, and Little Miss of America will receive a 3D printed replica of their crowning moment. This definitely marks a great step for the future of the art of 3D printing. The national pageant contest will be held between November 15 – 19 in Orlando, Florida.

Speaking on the occasion, the founder of 3DTransformations said, “This is a great opportunity for us to showcase our meticulous attention to detail”. Miss Teen of America President added, “Having the crowning moment captured in a beautiful 3D figurine, is like having a mini Oscar of yourself!”

The National pageant, where Miss Teen, Junior Miss, Young Miss and Little Miss are selected will be held in Orlando, Florida from the 15th to the 19th of November this year. Contestants from across the country will be participating in this highly prestigious event. The partnership with an event of this magnitude is sure to be a great partnership for 3DTransformations and American Pageants.

The crowned winners will be receiving a beautiful 3D replica of the winning moment. The 3D selfie will be printed in full color, and are very detailed. The special sculptures have a sophisticated smooth surface, which makes them perfect for display. The winner can even order re-prints at any time since all the digital data is archived with the company.

Having the winning moments of the pageant captured in a lifelike 3D figurine is definitely the perfect way to keep the memory fresh in the winner’s mind. “Imagine having this prestigious moment frozen in time for display as a 3D sculpture!”, said the founder of 3DTransformations when asked about how they came up with this concept.

The national partnership between 3DTransformations and Miss Teen of America is a great step forward for the concept of 3D printing technology. It is a steadily growing trend, and with a platform like Miss Teen of America, the concept can reach out to the national audience easily.

“It is a remarkable achievement for our company, and I’m very proud to be a part of such a prestigious event”, remarked the founder of the company. “We are sure that it’s going to be a great success”, She added.

About American Pageants/Miss Teen of America: American Pageants encourages and motivates young women to reach their full potential through recognition of; scholastic record, service and achievement to school and community, personal development, general awareness, personality projection and communication skills.

About 3DTransformations: 3DTransformations is a woman owned tech business, supplied by the most creative minds in the industry. From wedding moments to the dearly departed, and even pets, 3DTransformations helps people create something amazing to remember forever. The company is dedicated to helping people capture their most favorite moments in life-like figurines. They can capture every expression to the minutest of details, in beautiful multi-colored sandstone 3D prints. Using the latest cutting edge technology, the company delivers the most exquisite 3D figurines.



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