The Cake Topper, a Wedding Tradition

Each cake is just as unique as its bride.  What wedding cake topper will you choose?  We have sifted through the internet to discover why even choose a wedding cake topper and we found the best little story for you!


Story time

Once upon a time, a baker’s daughter was getting married. The girl wanted her father to create a symbol of the unflinching love between her and the groom, for the world to see.
The father spent several days thinking of many ideas. He decided on a lovely wedding cake with two amazing figurines on top of it. The figurines to be carefully placed on top of the glorious cake were a reflection of his daughter and her groom-to-be. The baker had conceived the cake topper as the perfect symbol of their love and bonding.
The daughter was shocked by the sight of the cake made with love and affection by her father on her wedding day. She was indeed touched by the beautiful gift and the sentiments behind it and she thought it was the best gift, among the unique wedding favors, she could have received. The cake, hosting the figurines, was prominently placed at the venue of the wedding.

wedding cake topper

American etiquette expert mentioned in her 1922 best seller that the “wedding cake is an essential of every wedding reception,” along with the personally selected bride and groom figures on top of the cake.

A perfect symbol of love

It was in the Roaring 20s that High Society in the U.S. adopted the custom of using figurines of the bride and groom atop the wedding cake.  The perfect symbol of love including the two figures was so unique that the elite had to have them.  With their growing popularity in time, wedding cake toppers started to be mass produced commercially in the U.S., Europe and Asia for all to have.

Traditional cake toppers

Whether you want the traditional wedding cake topper or not, a new market is emerging and available.  Technology brings you to, well, you as a wedding cake topper.  Your dress, tux, pose, smile and hair.  Remember the times of looking for a topper and all the figurines barely look like you?  Or worse they were just all wrong.  And so goes these!  They give a great laugh, don’t they!


Figurines though from 3DTransformations will give you a cake topper that looks like you, with your own attire.  A perfect symbol of love, that is you!

3D printed Cake Topper

But how?  I want one now!

All those pictures taken while you said yes to the dress will pay off.  Those can be used to make the personal, custom, wedding cake topper.  And they are 3D printed!  Perfect for the techy person or the groom.  Buy now or read how to submit photos here.
We look forward to creating something magnificent with you!



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