Insanely BEST Gifts for Men, Groomsmen, Tux wearers alike

Wedding gifts are always special. These gifts carry at a lot of memory. That is why choosing a gift, for men, is not always an easy task. You want to choose something special, something spectacular! Check out our gifts for men.

3D printing is a new trend in the gifts market. It provides the personalized touch. The 3D printing technology has revolutionized the concept of modern wedding gifts. It adds to the style and glamour of the groomsmen and makes them look sleek and fashionable with personalization.

3D printed Bow Tie

Spice up your tuxedo! This fashionable bow tie is the invention of the marvelous prototyping technology introduced by 3D printing. The sleek bow tie provides a unique flair and elegant look for groomsmen or tuxedo.  For simple, added fun, there is a hidden detail making it very unique.  Can you find it? A simple mustache for your delight.  Order one today.

mustache bow tie


3D Printed Cufflinks

The multilayered cufflink made from 3D printing technology is personalized according to your choice. You can choose to dress-up your groomsmen in the 3D printed cufflinks by adding initials, like engraving to your own specifications.

The cufflinks are printed layer by layer. They are made in precious metals (stainless steel, white gold, yellow gold) or plastics. The smartly finished cufflinks are also infused by other materials like bronze. This adds to the glitter of the dress of the groomsmen.

The detailed work and the master finishing touches make these cufflinks a thing to admire. Give your groomsmen, a fantastic pair of 3D printed cufflinks in a nice little box. If the gang of boys, including the groom himself, is a fan of a sports team or even a comic book junkie, 3D printing can also add necessary design to make them look all the more special.  This will not only make the gifts special but also will enable the people to remember your wedding.


3D printed cufflink


3D Printed Tie Clip

Blend the understated charm of the age old tie clips with the modern 3D printing technology. Give your groomsmen look smart as ever with personalized tie clips, which can treasure forever.

Made according to the taste and preferences of the groomsmen the tie clips can also be made with specialized logos and monograms. Imprint the logo of the favorite basketball or football club in the tie clips of the groomsmen.

tie clip

The magic of 3D printing is that you can personalize each of the objects, separately. That is why you can also choose to make different designs for different groomsmen. Therefore adding more meaning to the gift.

They will proudly flaunt the subtle beauty and elegance of tie clips along with the formal attires, on the wedding day. The photos will definitely look awesome and the memories will also stay for long.


Finally got your style juices flowing?  Contact us at 3dtransformations to bring them to reality.  Text, call or email we are happy to assist.


Be dapper!




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