It’s the little things

I want…I want…I want!

3D printer


The tiny things always seem more attractive until you get to jewelry! However little shoes, little clothes and then this, micro 3D printer are simply adorable. Need, want….It’s just so cute!

Not so cute:






Desktop 3D printers are becoming more user-friendly and budget-friendly.  To my defense, they are in many sizes and even in micro – “cute” size!


  • Does it make sense for you?

  • Will the filament size be affected due to the compact nature?

  • How is your build size affected?

All practicality aside this may be one of the best practical solutions for your budget and needs.  Perhaps for a classroom, library or family, this is a great solution.  Truly adorable, and perfect 🙂

In a world overrun of tiny homes, tiny communities, tiny replicas of people, the micro size came out at a genius time. If you bought one send us a picture! What can you make?

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