Order 3D printed figurines completely online

We know you love to meet with us in Charleston, SC but many of you don’t live near Charleston and have expressed the desire to order online. We have had the pleasure of working with several people via e-mail and coordinated 3D printed figurines to you through this service. We are happy to announce we have poured our sweat into an online ordering system. Go ahead, test it out!

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How do we design from photos?  More sweat, forethought, maybe some tears, and more sweat.  Yes, it adds complication however the outcome is a human in its reflection.  A beautiful design.  If you would like to submit photos to us or know more, feel free to check out our other blog post.


From photo to 3D model


3D pring
From photo to 3D print


We look forward to creating something magnificent with you!



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