Why is your first so scary?

Your first kiss, first public speaking engagement, first client, first job or first child.  It is scary!  These moments can seize every opportunity of all reasonableness and soundness of mind.  You can find yourself sweaty, stomach in knots, dizzy or frantically happy with Adrenalin but nevertheless still scared.

In the design world the first of any project is a prototype.  A testing ground.  A failure? Scrap? A piece to grow on? Success? None of which are known until after the item is produced.  Insert scared.  There is nothing that brings on more anxiety then when the first product is produced and the people above your pay grade tower over it and decipher how it’s back to the drawing board.  For some designs “the first” can be multiple times.

Likewise, each time we create the unique 3D selfie, it is the first.  The first time that person or pet at that age has ever been printed.  True there are duplicates but think that when even a duplicate or second copy is printed there is less ink, less binder and an un-maintenanced machine doing the work and under those conditions it’s another first.  Each person is so unique in color, shape, size that the results are scary yet we are amazed!  The likeliness of the original is still astonishing.  3DTransformations replicas are a first,  We are constantly innovating, perfecting and exploring ways to streamline and enhance.  Join us on these adventures!

Our first blog post…scared.

Bust size 3D print of woman

~Barbara Wood



  • Trina Johnson

    Awesome first post — see, it’s not so scary! You should be excited because you are on a fabulous journey — go you!

  • Sandy

    Great article! I think it’s only natural to have a healthy fear of the unknown. But there are innovated people like you who overcome their fear and bravely tackle them head on. Unfortunately, I can be quite the opposite. I have many first scary stories that are too embarrassing to admit. If the was a Scare Yourself Every Day club, (SYED) I would be president. I remember the first time I needed to open a tube of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. Alone. By myself. No one else to help. I had to take a moment, steel my nerves, back away from innocent tube of rolls like it contained a fake spring based snake inside ready to pounce out at me. I moved 3 feet away from the crescent roll tube on the counter, grabbed a broom and proceeded to repeatedly hit the container with the handle of the broom until it popped opened. I think I held my breath the whole time. I have since learned it is better to not plan on serving crescent rolls in a tube when no one is around. I am not above bribing my grandchildren to open them for me. For they,thankfully, have far fewer first fears than I. Is there a moral to this story? No. I’m just glad there are people like Barbara who face their fears of firsts and overcome them instead of having a world full of people afraid of crescent rolls in a tube.


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